8.—11. 6. 2023 UCI Europe Tour

Stage / 1
Jeseník - Rýmařov

Place of the start: Masarykovo náměstí
Start: 13:30
Finish: 16:30-16:48
Stage length: 122.8 km
Altitude meters: 2,086 m

This is the only stage that is very likely to be decided in a sprint. Although the cyclists have to climb 2086 vertical metres, it is the easiest stage. However, the final circuits in Rýmařov are not exactly easy, so it will also come down to the art of spreading your strength. The finish is also technical and climbs slightly. Nevertheless, I expect a battle for the stage championship among the sprinters.



The town of Jeseník, which lies in the heart of the mountains, in a landscape full of natural wealth, greenery and silence, in a landscape of springs of healing water and clean air. Jeseník is famous for its spa, named after the famous native and founder of modern hydrotherapy Vincenzo Priessnitz.



The foothill town on the border of the Low and Rough Jeseník between Bruntál and Šumperk is one of the rainiest places in the Czech Republic. But even that shouldn't stop you from exploring the surrounding nature and some nice places, such as Sovinec Castle or the Praděd Gallery in Jiříkov.

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Stage profile

Stage profile

GPM 1 Červenohorské sedlo

GPM 1 Červenohorské sedlo

GPM 2 Skřítek

GPM 2 Skřítek

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