30. 5. – 2. 6. 2024 UCI Europe Tour

Stage 3
Bruntál, nám. Míru - Dlouhé stráně

Place of the start: Náměstí Míru
Start: 12:00
Finish: 14:25 - 14:41
Stage length: 99 km
Altitude meters: 2,156 m

The racing will start on this stage and the overall winner could  be decided. The riders will climb 2,156 metres in just under 100 kilometres, mostly in the second half of the race. However, the climb, especially up the Dlouhé stráně hillside in the last ten kilometres, will be drastic and is one of the toughest in the country. Whoever finishes first at the top has a great chance of winning the overall Peace Race.


Bruntál, nám. Míru

Bruntál is located in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in the Low Jeseník Mountains, which are situated on both sides of the historical border between Moravia and Silesia. The built-up area of Bruntál itself lies in Silesia, while almost the entire cadastral area of Karlovec lies in Moravia. The historic centre of the town is a town conservation area. The Bruntál Chateau with its chateau park and the Dean's Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary should be seen.


Dlouhé stráně

Dlouhé stráně is the highest mountain of the Desenské Highlands with a height of 1354 m in the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains. The peak is located 4 km southeast of Kouty nad Desnou and 5.5 km west of its parent peak Praděd. On the peak there is a pumped storage power plant, which is a technical gem and the most powerful power plant of its kind in the Czech Republic.

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